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As i began this assignment i e

In the early seventies, the system seemed out of control—it could not hold the loyalty of the public. As early asaccording to the University of Michigan's Survey Research Center, "trust in government" was low in every section of the population.

And there was a significant difference by class. Of professional people, 40 percent had "low" political trust in the government; of unskilled blue-collar workers, 66 percent had "low" trust. Public opinion surveys in —after seven years of intervention in Vietnam—showed an unwillingness to come to the aid of other countries, assuming they were attacked by Communist- backed forces.

Even for countries allied to the United States in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or Mexico, right on our southern border, there was no majority opinion for intervening with American troops. As for Thailand, if it were under Communist attack, only 12 percent of whites interrogated would send troops, 4 percent of nonwhites would do so.

In the summer ofantiwar people in the Boston area were picketing Honeywell Corporation. The literature they distributed pointed out that Honeywell was producing antipersonnel weapons used in Vietnam, like the deadly cluster bomb that had riddled thousands of Vietnamese civilians with painful, hard-to-extricate pellets.

About six hundred ballots were given to the Honeywell employees, asking if they thought that Honeywell should discontinue making these weapons.

Of the persons who returned the ballots, said that Honeywell should stop, 88 said it should not. They were invited to make comments. A typical "no" comment: Miller, reporting on the extensive polling done by the Survey Research Center, said that the polls showed "widespread, basic discontent and political alienation.

Back in20 percent of those polled called themselves "independents. Juries were acquitting radicals: Angela Davis, an acknowledged Communist, was acquitted by an all-white jury on the West Coast.

Black Panthers, whom the government had tried in every way to malign and destroy, were freed by juries in several trials. A judge in western Massachusetts threw out a case against a young activist, Sam Lovejoy, who had toppled a foot tower erected by a utility company trying to set up a nuclear plant.

As i began this assignment i e

Undoubtedly, much of this national mood of hostility to government and business came out of the Vietnam war, its 55, casualties, its moral shame, its exposure of government lies and atrocities. On top of this came the political disgrace of the Nixon administration in the scandals that came to be known by the one-word label "Watergate," and which led to the historic resignation from the presidency—the first in American history—of Richard Nixon in August It began during the presidential campaign in June ofwhen five burglars, carrying wiretapping and photo equipment, were caught in the act of breaking into the offices of the Democratic National Committee, in the Watergate apartment complex of Washington, D.

One of the five, James McCord, Jr. Another of the five had an address book in which was listed the name of E. Howard Hunt, and Hunt's address was listed as the White House.

He was assistant to Charles Colson, who was special counsel to President Nixon.Unlike most formal academic research projects, this study is published as a web site.

A web site can reflect the qualities found in a traditional research paper (e.g. an introduction, methods, results, parenthetical references, etc.) as well as the qualities of a dynamic document. Bud Day was born on February 24, , in Sioux City, Iowa. He enlisted in the U.S.

Marine Corps on December 10, , and spent 30 months in the South Pacific during World War II before receiving an honorable discharge on November 24, MERS - Mortgage Electronic Registration Inc. - holds secratary approximately 60 million American mortgages and is a Delaware corporation whose sole shareholder.

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