Breaking social norms exercise

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Breaking social norms exercise

November 12, August 30, The Modi government in the last few months had introduced many FDI policy reforms in sectors such as defence, rail infrastructure, construction development, insurance, pension, medical devices November 12, This is aimed at boosting the investment environment and bring in more foreign investments in the country.

Breaking social norms exercise

The move comes two days after the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance suffered a resounding defeat in the Bihar Assembly elections.

It also comes a day before the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the UK where he would have had to otherwise face tough questions on his government's major initiatives to spur foreign investment.

It also comes just ahead of the crucial Winter Session of Parliament, slated to start on November 26, where important Bills such as the Goods and Services Tax Bill are expected to be taken up for passage.

For facilitating faster approvals on most of the proposals, the government also raised the threshold limit of approval by Foreign Investment Promotion Board from the earlier Rs 3, crore to Rs 5, crore.

As per the extant policy, FIPB considers foreign investment proposals of inflow up to Rs 3, crore and those above that limit are placed for consideration of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.

With the Prime Minister's approval and after several rounds of inter-ministerial consultations, we have brought out about 35 changes in the FDI policy cutting across 15 sectors. We have expedited these changes over the last couple of weeks. This exercise could have other wise taken over a year and would have needed over 16 cabinet notes.

It is also clear that India is a country which is more than ready to integrate with the global economy. The official release said refining of foreign investment norms in construction is to facilitate the construction of 50 million houses for poor.

It added that opening up of the manufacturing sector for wholesale, retail and e-commerce is aimed at motivating industries to Make In India and sell it to the customers here instead of importing from other countries.

The Modi government in the last few months had introduced many FDI policy reforms in sectors such as defence, rail infrastructure, construction development, insurance, pension, medical devices, white label ATM operations, investments by NRIs on non-repatriation basis and has introduced composite cap for foreign investment.

The World Bank had recently improved India's ranking by 12 places to th rank from nd rank last year in the Study of Ease of Doing Business. Besides, many global institutions have projected India as the leading destination for FDI in the World.

IMF has branded India as the brightest spot in the global economy whereas the World Bank has retained the growth forecast for India at 7.

Main sectoral changes in the FDI regime: The struggling construction sector will be a major beneficiary as radical changes in FDI norms have been brought in to boost demand for steel, cement and spur economic activity, ultimately with an aim to help build 50 million affordable houses for the poor.

Several conditions have been removed including the area restriction of floor area of 20, sq.

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Also, foreign investors have been allowed to exit and repatriate their investment under automatic route before the completion of the project provided they complete a lock-in period of three years. To ensure that ownership and control remain in Indian hands, Government approval, of course, will be required in case of infusion of fresh foreign investment within the permitted automatic route level, resulting in change in the ownership pattern or transfer of stake by existing investor to new foreign investor.

The new rule will give the banks and investors considerable flexibility in raising funds and investing respectively.

As of now, only tea plantation was open to foreign investment. Though the BJP-led government stayed away from any mention of multi-brand retail so as to protect the interests of their key vote bank of small traders, it has announced easing of several conditionalities for single brand retail trade SBRT and e-commerce.

The government also permitted entities who have been granted permission to undertake SBRT, to do e-commerce. Further, sectors other than Satellites- establishment and operation have been placed under the automatic route.Part I: A New Focus on Adult Faith Formation "I tell you, look up and see the fields ripe for the harvest." (Jn ) § 25 § At all times and in every age, the Church faces unique opportunities and challenges as it proclaims the Good News of God's reign.

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Breaking social norms exercise

Were there subtle punishments for breaking social norms? How does conforming to and violating social norms fit into the lifelong process of socialization?

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Government relaxes FDI norms across 15 sectors - The Hindu