Character analysis a pair of tickets

As the train enters Shenzhen, China, Jing-mei begins to "feel Chinese. Like her father, Jing-mei is weeping for joy. These were the two children whom she was forced to abandon on the side of the road in

Character analysis a pair of tickets

Summary Analysis In the final chapter of the novel, June flies to China with her father to meet her long-lost half-sisters.

As soon as she enters China, she immediately feels different, and senses her true connection to her heritage. Suyuan always claimed that being born Chinese meant having undeniable Chinese thoughts and emotions. In the forty years since Suyuan and Canning emigrated, many of the cities changed spellings and full names.

The journey makes June think about her half-sisters and their impending meeting. Suyuan died before replying to their letter, so Lindo was asked to reply with the bad news. Even in China, where the Joy Luck Club members should feel most comfortable, time has passed and places have become unrecognizable.

For immigrants, there is no clear home country, because neither the country of origin, nor the country of immigration, quite fit their personal histories and values; they have hybrid experiences.

Jing-Mei Woo: A Pair of Tickets

The worry seeps into her sleep, causing nightmares. June begs Lindo to write another letter in Chinese that says Suyuan is dead. Since the first chapter, June has worried that Suyuan died from a lack of appreciation, and more specifically from her own lack of appreciation for her mother.

Now that Suyuan is gone, June is unable to atone for her mistreatment, and is racked by guilt. She introduces June to their extended Chinese family, even though June is unable to converse with them.

Character analysis a pair of tickets

They all go to a fancy Western-style hotel which only costs thirty-five American dollars and order hamburgers, French fries, and apple pie for everyone, even though June wants to try authentic Chinese food. After dinner, June is left alone for the first time of the trip, and she starts missing her mother again.

Active Themes Late that night, after most of the relatives have fallen asleep, June wakes up and hears Canning tell his aunt about his life in the past forty years, including how he met Suyuan in Chungking and their immigration to America.

June then inquires about the meaning of her Chinese name, Jing-mei.

Character analysis a pair of tickets

For the first time in her life, June asks about her Chinese name, and gets a better understanding about why Suyuan raised June so forcefully, following the sacrifice of her daughters. June is, according to Suyuan, fundamentally made of the best elements of her sisters.

June asks if he knew why Suyuan abandoned the twins inand Canning admits that he found out through conversations with the Joy Luck women rather than from Suyuan herself, but that there was no shame in her decision. He starts to tell the story in English, but June quickly asks him to narrate in Chinese instead.

Active Themes After fleeing Kweilin inSuyuan starts walking a long, heavily-trafficked road to Chungking, where her husband might be stationed.

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She slings the twins around her shoulders and pushes a few possessions in a wheelbarrow. A few days in, she contracts dysentery from the many sick refugees walking the same path.

Kissing their cheeks and telling them not to cry, Suyuan leaves them on the road, thinking a family would be more willing to rescue them as orphans. Rather than keep her valuables and attempt to save herself, Suyuan gives it to the babies to make them more enticing to passers-by. At some point, an American missionary found her unmoving on the ground but did not find her babies.

When Suyuan finally reaches Chungking, officers tell her that her husband died two weeks previously. She is so delirious with disease that she laughs uncontrollably at the news.

Jing-Mei Woo: A Pair of Tickets

Canning, also displaced by the war, meets Suyuan sometime later in the same Chungking hospital. Nothing good seems to come from challenging fate, until Canning offers a new start to her life.In Amy Tan's short story, "A Pair of Tickets," a part of her The Joy Luck Club collection, the setting of China for a good portion of the story has an enormous impact on what occurs internally to.

Video: Amy Tan's A Pair of Tickets: Summary & Analysis Amy Tan's popular novel, 'The Joy Luck Club,' is made up of a series of short stories that are interwoven to form a larger narrative.

'A Pair of Tickets' is the final story of the book. Mar 09,  · Get access to Analysis a Pair Of Tickets Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - Get studying today and get the grades you want. Only at. Read story Summary of A pair of tickets by kimjaejae with 14, Jing-mei takes the train with her father from Hong Kong to visit her aunt in Guangzho.

Summary and Analysis Jing-Mei Woo: A Pair of Tickets Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List As the train enters Shenzhen, China, Jing-mei begins to "feel Chinese.".

Need help with Part 4, Chapter 4: A Pair of Tickets in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club? Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis.

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