Genting case study

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Genting case study

Scuba diving in Malaysia What is the best place to scuba dive or to get my diving permit? Which islands in Malaysia are best Genting case study take a scuba diving course?

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Islands surrounding Malaysia are renowned by divers all over the world as one of the best diving spots on the globe. Below the surface of many tropical islands you can experience the wonderful underwater world in all its glory. Great numbers of travelers visit Malaysia with the sole purpose of scuba diving.

The best places to dive are the islands in the eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia and the islands in the eastern part of the Borneo province Sabah.

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Diving on islands in the western part of the peninsula is less popular, due to turbid marine water conditions which has a negative impact on underwater visibility. The only place to dive in this area is at Pulau Payar, a small uninhabited island that lies between Langkawi and Penang.

Package deals are very popular in Malaysia. Many resorts have some sort of partnership with diving schools, so you can arrange accommodation and a scuba diving course at one location.

Genting case study

Most packages roughly consists of the same components, 4 or 5 nights stay at the resort, the diving course incl. Scuba diving at the eastern side of Peninsular Malaysia The best place to get your scuba license is at one of the islands on the eastern side of the peninsula.

Prices are roughly the same at most of the diving schools.

Genting case study

Should you want to get your dive master or rescue diver or any other advanced course license, you should probably contact some of the diving schools up front.

Price does however differ great from regular prices in most European countries. For example a diving course in the UK or the Netherlands can be twice or even three times more expensive.

A typical diving course takes you four days at the least, or 3 days with only 2 students per instructor. We did a 5-day course at Perhentian. Other islands in Malaysia are perhaps less interesting to go to for a diving course, since prices are usually a bit higher there i.

Redang A new approach by many dive schools is to offer a paperless alternative to be more environment friendly, is to let you choose to do an online course on the PADI website. Recommended diving schools on Pulau Perhentian are: I only have great experience with Watercolours, but read and heard from fellow-divers that all other diving schools mentioned above a pretty good too.

Diving in this part of Malaysia depends greatly on weather conditions. Especially during monsoon period diving is not an option.

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Resorts close during this period, since the weather can be extreme at times. The monsoon period starts roughly in the beginning of November, and ends roughly around February. I use the word roughly, because some years the monsoon is very mild, starts later and ends earlier.ISSUE 6 – DATE 20 JULY 1.

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