James mill essay on government

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James mill essay on government

Biography Unlike his famous first-born son, James Mill never wrote an autobiography or even a sketch of his early life, the details of which remained unknown even to his children. What we do know is this. His father, James Milne, was a shoemaker and small farmer of modest means who was quiet, mild-mannered, and devout.

His mother, Isabel Fenton Milne, was a more forceful figure. A regimen rather like that imposed by his mother upon her eldest son was later to be imposed upon his first-born son, John Stuart Mill. In this occupation young James clearly excelled.

James mill essay on government

Before the age of seven he had shown a talent for elocution, composition, and arithmetic, as well as Latin and Greek. The local minister saw to it that James received special attention at the parish school.

Before leaving Montrose Academy at the age of seventeen, Mill was persuaded by the parish minister and his mother to study for the ministry. As it happened, she and Sir John were just then looking for a tutor for their fourteen-year old daughter Wilhelmina.

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They offered the job to James Mill; he accepted; and when the Stuart family moved to Edinburgh, he accompanied them. InMill enrolled in the University of Edinburgh, where by day he pursued a full course of studies and in the evenings tutored young Wilhelmina.

Each experience left its mark. Andrews had earlier been the hub of the Scottish Enlightenment and were still the premier universities in Britain.

They had numbered among their faculty such luminaries as Francis Hutcheson, Thomas Reid, John Millar, Adam Ferguson, Adam Smith, and—had the orthodox town council of Edinburgh not forbade his admission—would have included David Hume as well. At Edinburgh Mill took particular delight in the tutelage of Dugald Stewart, who carried on the tradition of Scottish moral philosophy.

From to Mill served young Wilhelmina Stuart not only as a teacher but as a companion and confidant. Her admiration for her tutor quite likely turned to love, and the feeling was apparently reciprocated.

But, however promising his prospects, Mill was no aristocrat, a social fact which he was not allowed to forget.

James Mill (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

In Wilhelmina married a member of her own class and died in childbirth shortly thereafter. After completing his first degree inMill began studying for the ministry.

James mill essay on government

For the next four years he supported himself by tutoring the sons and daughters of several noble families. The experience was not a happy one. He harbored ever after an abiding hatred for an hereditary aristocracy.

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By the time he was licensed to preach in Mill had apparently begun to lose his faith and had by the early s become restless and disillusioned. Inat age twenty-nine, he left for London in hopes of improving his situation.

For some years thereafter he worked as an independent author, journalist and editor. Besides some 1, editorials, he wrote hundreds of substantial articles and reviews, as well as several books, including his History of British India in three large volumes.

Although some of these were doubtless labors of love, most were labors of necessity, for Mill had to support himself and his wife Harriet, whom he married inand a fast-growing family. Alliance with Bentham In late or early James Mill met Jeremy Bentham, with whom he soon formed a political and philosophical alliance.

The two were in some respects kindred spirits. Both wished and worked for religious toleration and legal reform; both favored freedom of speech and press; both feared that the failure to reform the British political system—by, among other things, eliminating rotten boroughs and extending the franchise—would give rise to reactionary intransigence on the one hand, and revolutionary excess on the other.

But the two men were of vastly different temperaments and backgrounds. Bentham, a wealthy bachelor, was an eccentric genius and closet philosopher.James Mill () was a Scottish political philosopher, economist and proponent of Utilitarianism. He was the father of John Stuart Mill. Originally published in , this book presents the complete text of Mill's An Essay on Government.

I.: The End of Government; viz. the Good or Benefit for the Sake of which it exists. THE question with respect to Government is a question about . James Mill's essay on Government from The Encyclopedia Britannica GOVERNMENT by James Mill (¶1) The question with respect to Government, is a .

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