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November 8, Germany Monitor With digitalisation becoming an ever more common feature along the value chain, the German industry looks set to enjoy higher potential growth in the coming years. The additional gross value added in German manufacturing might total EUR 70— bn for the years between and

Research weekly

How to Choose Analyst-Driven Methodology Firms that take an analyst-driven approach have experts review market conditions and data as well as company information to create a recommendation.

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Get in Touch One good format is to write your report in four parts: Quote the previous week's plan.

Typically, research firms have an approach or model that they use as a starting point for analysis to ensure a degree of consistency across multiple analysts.

The advantage of following a firm that has analyst-driven research is in the flexibility and insight that an individual can bring to the analysis.

Critical market news or other developments that might be important to Research weekly future price of a stock generally won't be included in pure quantitative models. For example, consider a pharmaceutical company that has a critical drug review pending with the FDA. An analyst would typically review and discuss the potential impact of that upcoming drug and include that analysis in making a recommendation.

Finally, another reason people use analyst-driven research is for the quality of the writing and insight that only a person can really bring to this work. Quantitative Model-Driven Methodology Firms that take a model-driven approach use quantitative models that process company financial data and market information stock price and volume to drive recommendations.

Models are generally built and fine-tuned over a period of many years through a rigorous analytic process. Quantitative models are not subject to influence or interference from outside sources, so they are objective in that respect.

They impose discipline and consistency on the research firm. Because much of the analytical work is performed by computers, these firms are often able to cover a broader range of stocks, as well as update their recommendations more frequently based on company financial changes or market changes.

There are many types of models in use by firms that may generate differing recommendations. Other Methodologies A few firms provide specialized analysis that can help you in researching stocks, including: Recommendations Accuracy Analysis, which offers quantitative analysis of the quality of firms' stock recommendations.

Research Firm Performance Analysis, which ranks research firms by historical performance. Stock recommendation analysis, which evaluates the theoretical performance of research firms' buy, sell, or hold ratings. Stock chart pattern recognition, which evaluates chart and indicator patterns in the context of technical analysis.

Research weekly

Often, this type of research is used to complement or support other, more typical types of research. How to Choose As you think about which research firms to use, keep these three things in mind: Review the firm score cards to see how well the firm's research ratings have performed in the past.

Look for a firm whose approach is consistent with your approach to investing. If you are an investor who prefers to own value stocks, then look for a research provider that stresses a value equity style.

Research weekly

Be sure to read sample reports from the firms whose research you're considering to ensure they provide you the information and insight that you are looking for. Keep in mind that you may also want to combine research methodologies. For example, you may want to follow the recommendations of a quantitative firm, read the reports from an analyst-driven firm, and complement that with insight from a supporting research firm.Follow all of ScienceDaily's latest research news and top science headlines!

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Research Weekly: Resources for research, scholarly, and creative activity at K-State Research Weekly is designed to offer a range of resources to those engaged in research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery at K-State, including.

Deutsche Bank Research focuses on macroeconomic analysis and growth trends, economic and social policy issues, research on the financial sector and its regulation. Writing a progress/status report by Michael Ernst January, Writing a weekly report about your research progress can make your research more successful, less frustrating, and more visible to others, among other benefits.

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