Tae kwon do thesis

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Tae kwon do thesis

Perseverance and my Tae Kwon-Do Training: Hall, 8th Dan center and Mr. Eddie Chambliss, 1st Dan right When I first started Tae Kwon-Do training I was working full-time and at the age of 50, most people would think it would be foolish to start so late in life.

I had decided in my mind that Martial Art training was a good way to learn self-defense without having to resort to weapons and would give me self confidence in my physical capabilities. We only had a short time to train due to the fact that my wife, Julie, and I were planning on moving to Tucson, Arizona in a few months.

We started on November 15, at that time I was still working 50 hours a week Monday through Friday. Class was scheduled for Monday and Thursday nights starting at 6: At first I thought it would be fairly easy, but was soon to learn that it was going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to be able to accomplish the goals I had set for myself before we moved away.

Within a short time my wife was unable to continue with training due to major problems with her neck. She had to Tae kwon do thesis surgery due to degenerative disc issues from previous injuries and ended up having her neck fused.

"World Culture Taekwondo! Kukkiwon will make it"

It stopped her training at that point due to complications but she was able to earn her Yellow Belt. As I progressed in the training and after the initial excitement of learning something new, I realized that I would have to rely on something that I have used all my life to make it happen.

I think back to when I was faced with tough times and how perseverance had pulled me through. In I suffered a major heart attack at the age of I had a triple bypass and went into a severe depression.

It would have been quite easy to succumb to the depression and just walk away from everything and everyone, but I knew if I kept working at getting through it that things would be okay. I have always believed that when a person falls down, they should pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep moving forward.

It is okay to remember the past because it does shape us somewhat but not to stay stuck in it. I had to accomplish a lot of techniques and learn a lot of combinations and patterns while training before we moved.

Not only did we train during the week, I would train on the off nights and weekends up to 6 times a week. By the time we left on September 1, I was a 6th Gup. By doing that, I was able to not only to maintain my skill level, but to move ahead in my training.

We went to 3 nights per week and an optional Saturday afternoon class. I would consistently make most, if not all 4 classes per week. Master Hall always counts the yearly attendance and gives a report and I am 1 or 2 every year. Physical problems have been especially hard for me, and I have had to use not only perseverance but a lot of tenacity in order to keep progressing in my training.

I have had some medical issues that would have made most people just give up by now but all I could think of was how to overcome them. I have had several steroid shots; one in my back due to a pinched nerve at the L5 and two in my right hip due to severe bursitis. I recently have had to overcome a severely fractured radius in my right arm at the wrist, a plate with six screws reconnects it, as well as a major dislocation of the ulna.

Some examples of what I have had to overcome include, my right knee which had been injured in the past surgery in and is mostly bone on bone. Because of this, I am unable to stand on my right leg and bend my knee to make a sine wave.

It is also extremely hard to balance when on the right leg alone. So, in order to make a sine wave, I actually make a small drop in my hip and waist a slight forward bend to give me the momentum like a sine wave would.

It took me about 2 years of trial and error to finally make that work and have been using that method since. It also affects my landing when jumping.

I have to over exaggerate the toe ball, ankle, knee and hip flexing when landing. Due to the way my right hip works I am unable to lift my right leg out to the side very high, which makes for a low turning kick and a side kick that is just below the waist line. My hip also keeps me from being able to fully stretch my legs apart.

Tae kwon do thesis

So, I have learned to bend at the waist to my left when kicking to gain any height to my kick. As I write about all these things it is astonishing to me that I have made it this far.Essays from Blackbelt Test Students.

My Tae Kwon Do Journey when I first joined Tae Kwon Do I did so because my friends and mother joined. As a white belt I mostly remember learning Chon-Ji. As a white belt Tae Kwon Do seemed to be getting dull since I learned only two forms continuously but this was to be one of the most important .

Tae Kwon Do is about self-defense and it has taught me to be self-aware of my surroundings. My dad has helped emphasize this point by asking me questions when we go to the store. He’ll ask me what color was the cashiers’ shirt or what was on the name tag, to see if I was observant with my surroundings.

TAEKWONDO ESSAY. There are many reasons why I started Taekwondo. In order to understand these reasons, it is necessary to review the circumstances of my life at the time I decided to start Taekwondo.

TAEKWONDO ESSAY. There are many reasons why I started Taekwondo.

Taekwondo black belt thesis

In order to understand these reasons, it is necessary to review the circumstances of my life at the time I decided to start Taekwondo. Tae kwon do has inspired me to become a better person and has given me the discipline and confidence to accomplish any of my goals.

The impact from my tae kwon do training has only been positive. Technorati Tags: tae kwon do black belt essay karate martial arts tae kwon do philosophy tae kwon do essay. Thesis Prior to grading a student is required to write and submit a thesis on any aspect of Taekwon-Do.

The thesis gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate their thoughts and knowledge of the art form.

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