The comparison between china and japan

But first, a brief time out — sadly as an American I have to tell you that the US forging factories used to rule the roost in this area of clubhead production, but since the late 90s, the US forging companies have either gone out of business or no longer play a significant role in the forging of clubheads. Cornell of Chicago and Hoffman of Memphis, the two forging factories that ruled the golf industry for most of the 20th century are sadly gone. So that leaves China as a competitor to the Japanese forging factories.

The comparison between china and japan

In days gone by, travellers could make money as language teachers without any qualifications or teaching experience on their CV. Although there are of course some similarities, there are also some pretty noticeable differences between these two Asian countries — some of which I will outline here based on my personal experiences.

Pollution and Cleanliness jp. However, one of the things I notice most about coming from China to Japan is, comparatively, how clean the air is in Japan.


There are still times when the air is clogged with pollution — mainly on big roads in big cities — but on the whole, the clean atmosphere is one of the things I enjoy most about life in Japan.

General cleanliness is also of a far higher standard in Japan. In China, you can hardly walk down the road at any time of day or night without bumping into a road sweeper who is clearing the filth off the pavements.

However, deals can be found in the land of the rising sun, and it all depends on where you live.

What is China?

Tokyo life will empty your wallet far quicker than living in a small city or town. Even without living in Sichuan province, I found that Chinese food was frequently too spicy for me to eat.

On top of that, drowning your food in oil seemed to be the go-to method of cooking, and a penchant for using poor quality ingredients just made eating out a bit of a nightmare. Land of amazing food. Best of all is going to the local Chinese restaurant in Japan — Chinese food, but with good quality ingredients prepared in a clean, healthy way.

Not just noisy — a never-ending chattering of rowdy joyfulness, of boisterous socialising. The Chinese like to have fun, and loudly. China is a loud place — there is no two ways about it. Japan is noisy in a different way.

Where it went wrong

While the people tend to conduct themselves in a quieter way, you are still surrounded by sound. Traffic lights that bleep tinkly tunes while you wait to cross, vending machines that sing and rattle in time to their flashing lights, brightly lit emporiums of consumerism that are constantly flooded with bizarre combinations of soft jazz and modern pop.

But on the whole, I find Japan a quieter, calmer place. While there are artificial sounds being pumped out of every shoe shop and on every subway platform, there are moments of escape, and my ears are not on the receiving end of a constant auditory assault.

Chinese vs Japanese Culture - Difference Between

Well, aside from the points highlighted above, there are so many reasons to love and hate both Japan and China.See how the physical size of South Korea compares to the United States, California, Texas, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom with maps and numbers. Tankopedia will introduce you to the vehicles you'll encounter in-game and help you study their characteristics.

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The comparison between china and japan

Here you have the comparison between Japan vs China Recent employment trends in India and China: An unfortunate convergence C. P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh Asian century? Both China and India have large populations covering substantial and diverse geographical areas, large economies with even larger potential size.

Comparison of GDP PPP figures between U.S. states and countries for Rank Country U.S. equivalents GDP (Billions of US$ in PPP) 1: China United States 16,

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