Writing a character description ks24194

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Writing a character description ks24194

Readers will be more invested in your story if they can visualize what your characters look like and understand where they are coming from. Introductions and Appearance When you meet someone for the first time, you observe his appearance and learn basic information, such as name and profession.

As you think about naming your characterthink about meanings, origins and derivations of different names. Also consider any nicknames or pet names that could strengthen the relationship between your character and other characters.

writing a character description ks24194

For example, is your heroine a short, thin, fragile-looking young woman who works in an office by day but is the unexpected assassin at night?

These reactions may not only be to significant plot twists, but also to everyday life: Plan free-writing or other exercises to fully explore how your character will respond to situations. Showcase their strengths and weaknesses through inner dialogue as well as character traits, such as forgiveness or compassion, through relationships with other characters.

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As you design your character, map out the background story and events that formed his outlook on the world. Consider the type of childhood and adolescence your character had, and any changes that occurred. For example, was there an emotionally traumatic event or formative encounter that shaped the type of person he becomes?

If your character had a family, what were they like? Motivation and Goals As you develop your character, decide what goals your character has, and why. The protagonist has one goal while the antagonist has another, and as you develop these characters, define these goals as well as the reason your characters are pursuing them.

Script the dialogue to reveal how your characters think and feel about each event.

writing a character description ks24194

Consider background and personality when deciding what motivates your character. A character may be motivated by multiple things.


For example, a villain may be motivated by greed as well as a desire to find approval from a distant father figure. Motivation is just as important as the name when developing your characters.

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