Writing a resignation letter with immediate effect

You have been verbally advised to improve you attendance record and not to indulge in unauthorized absence from duties.

Writing a resignation letter with immediate effect

Perhaps you belong to the other group, anxiously browsing for your next career move. Indeed, there are many reasons for quitting your job and all those reasons require you to write a resignation letter.

So, how do you write a resignation letter like a pro? Here are the five keys to a good resignation letter, the main things to consider when writing one, and an example template for you to use. If further discussions are needed, you can ask to do so with the manager face-to-face.

Your resignation letter should inform, not explain. Recognize writing a resignation letter with immediate effect contract You should also show an understanding of your employment contract in your resignation letter.

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This shows respect towards your current employer and highlights a level of professionalism in dealing with the issue. You, ideally, need to show in your resignation letter that you are not in violation of it by resigning.

For example, you might have a term that determines how long you must work from the moment of the resignation letter. The general guideline is to provide a two-week notice, which means working for two weeks after your resignation letter. However, be also prepared for the employer for asking you to leave immediately.

Remember the formal stuff It might seem a bit obvious advice but remember the resignation letter is an official document. You show professionalism by including the elements of an official letter into it.

In many organizations, it might be your closest manager, while in others it might be the head of the department or HR.

You can check the company policy with the HR department or your manager.


Be thankful for the opportunity and avoid personal criticism You should never turn the resignation letter into a critique of the organization, the position or the management. If you have issues you want to talk about, then do this in a conversation — such as the end of employment discussion — but not in the letter.

Instead of criticizing the employer or your colleagues, you want to thank them for the opportunity you were given. Offer help Finally, you want to make it clear you want this transition to be as smooth as possible.

writing a resignation letter with immediate effect

Offer assistance in possibly helping with this transition period or even training and finding the new employee. However, when offering help, only offer it in a way you are comfortable giving. How to professionally reflect on these two points with your resignation letter? The timeline for your resignation Depending on your contract, you could be quitting your job immediately or after a specific period.

This will naturally influence the wording on your resignation letter. Now, when deciding the last date of work, you need to focus on two things: What does the contract say? Read the employment contract and understand your rights and responsibilities.

Your reason for quitting might also influence your date of choice — for example, is the family relocating or do you start in a new job on a certain date?


Below are a few examples based on your resignation timeline: My last day will be May 17,two weeks from today. Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning from my job as Accounts Manager effective tomorrow. I apologize for not being able to give more notice.

I regret to inform you that I am resigning immediately from my position as Accounts Manager.

writing a resignation letter with immediate effect

My last day will be tomorrow. I apologize for the short notice. The important thing to remember here is to add regret to your more immediate resignation letter. Whether you should dive into the reasoning of this sudden move is discussed next.

As mentioned, there is no need to provide a reason but it can be more professional to reflect on it. When thinking about reflecting on the reason for quitting, keep in mind these points: However, if you think the reason will help the employer understand and reflect on your decision and you are comfortable to share it, you can do so.By Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer.

Earlier today, I tendered my resignation from the American Manufacturing Council. I resigned to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to critical issues, including the serious need to address the decline of American manufacturing.

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Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

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